In early 2009 I decided to go into business for myself. I was working 70-80 hour work weeks and felt like our organization was heading in the wrong direction regardless of the small wins we were realizing. We had a multitude of opportunities but were missing something to push us over the top. John came in and took inventory of my personal life and business practice. Instead of just giving text book pages and reading, he dove head first into the actual work and contract negotiations. It was an easy decision to hire him. He offered advice and even connections to opportunities which we had not previously engaged. I don’t simply gage our success financially since hiring John, it would be doing him a disservice. Through his weekly meetings and performance evaluations I have more clarity, direction, and accountability. After more than 3 years of working together I have become a better family man, volunteer, and business leader. I can’t recommend John enough both personally and professionally.

Brian Pio


I considered hiring a business coach primarily to increase marketing/generating more profitability & I appreciate the accountability a coach provides. I hired John because I was impressed with his successful track record with previous businesses he has consulted with and/or been a part of. The biggest challenges I faced was implementing the ‘vision’ of the company, taking the growth/revenue projections and making them a reality. John’s approach is very focused and he does an excellent job evaluating where we can make weekly improvements. John has challenged me in many areas of my business, and I’m grateful for the progress that our company has made over the past several months. The most important thing I’ve learned from John is his ‘Profit by Design’ business model, which has helped me structure the company towards long term success and reward employees for outstanding performance. I feel I have more clarity with our company direction and the benefit of having a trusted advisor has helped me become a better leader for our team. I would highly recommend John and Focal Point Performance Business Coaching to anyone who is serious about growing their business.

Stephen Weber

Designated Broker, Peak Commercial Property Services

“Although I understood the technical aspects of my business, the clarity of key action items and the encouragement provided by John Waters was significant for me to have the confidence and inspiration to implement my business plan. As a business coach, John brings a refreshing approach with integrity and experience that produces tangible results so that I am equipped to grow my business and leadership skills with self-belief.”

Matthew Baugh

President, Rainmaker Appointments

“In January of 2011 my wife and I went to a business networking meeting at our church and the speaker was John Waters with his presentation Profit by Design. I remember the day I realized I was in way over my head and I dug through the business cards in my desk to find John’s card and made the call. I called John around the end of July, 2011, and 2 weeks later we started working together. John has helped me navigate my way through my 3 major hurdles. John is very involved in my business and I trust his judgment. He has invested more time in my business than any outsider would ever consider. He is always available to me when I need advice, and he checks in frequently to ensure my progress. My business is leaps and bounds ahead of the place it stood prior to John’s consultations and direction, and I am grateful to John for his part in our success.”

Rusty Reynolds

Owner, Diamondback Billiards & Games

I needed to increase my profits and grow my business. My high quality service matched my customer service but growth remained stagnant. I researched a total of six business coaches before signing on with John. There was nothing gimmicky or one size fits all type approach to John’s coaching. This is something I cannot say about the others.

John had me explain my company. I described my challenges and what I wanted out of the business. He looked over my financials, client tracking records and advertising. We then mapped out an approach. We listed weekly tasks that I should complete each week. We implemented new forms and charts to measure what works and what doesn’t. We started to develop an exit strategy.

I had personally witnessed what John had done for a company that I had previously worked for. I felt that if he could do half of what he did for them for me, I would be a success.

After working with John for three months, my business shows a growth of $35,000.00 per month. John helps keep me focused, on track and aware of my goals. He encourages me to continue to think outside the box. This is why other companies now approach me to partner up with them.

Marty Campisi

Owner, Desert Oasis Landscape Design & Concepts

As an Entrepreneur of several start-ups I have had the opportunity to look back on my successes and failures and see where I made mistakes and where I could have done better.

John has years of experience and has a plethora of knowledge to share about the mechanics of running and “growing” (key word) a profitable and manageable company. I had no idea the magnitude of expertise John would bring to the table. His coaching is absolutely priceless. I am more confident than ever that with his coaching my company will continue to be successful and will have processes in place that sustain our productivity for years to come. His Honesty, forthrightness and super positive attitude is refreshing! I trust John 100% with everything we are working on in our company.

John has a keen sense and intuition of how a business can move forward in a rapid manner. In the time I have worked with John our company has not only doubled however tripled our profits with projections that far outweigh these numbers! I am truly grateful I have the opportunity to receive the guidance of John Waters in our business! I wouldn’t want to be on the other side. I would recommend him to anyone who wasn’t my competition.

Erna Portteus Patrawke

CEO, E2 Safety LLC

I came to a point in my business where I felt that I was in a hole trying to get out. I wanted a life change and I was working to sell my business but I knew the broker did not have my best interest in mind.

Then I met John. John knew and understood sales; he helped me figure out which acquisition made the most sense. I was dealing with an earn out & sell out period with bonuses and goals. John used his experience to help me navigate through these transitions. He helped me in writing eloquent emails, forecasting growth and cash flows, & even helped me hire the right employees to grow my business.

After 1.5 years of working with John, I have literally doubled my revenue. My favorite check to write is my check to John because I know that his check is welldeserved; working with John was the best decision I made for my business.

Chad Jewell

Owner, Noble Air