About John Waters

John helps business owners–large and small–improve their cash flow, reduce their costs, and work more efficiently. His goal in every endeavor: discover how to better lead their organization towards more consistent sales and team performance leading to higher profitability. That means more vacations, more time for family.


John has over three decades of Strategic Business Development experience with proven results. What’s more, he has first-hand experience here in AZ successfully growing 9 different businesses and has helped hundreds of business owners and clients overcome the challenges entrepreneurs. John has built relationships with many diverse clients–helping them to navigate a myriad of business challenges while simultaneously optimizing growth opportunities.


John himself has been in the corporate world and chose to pursue his passion of helping entrepreneurs improve their business and life as a business owner. He stepped down from his lucrative CEO position with Creative Environments Design & Landscape, Inc. a company where he leads a team that grew the business from $7.5 Million to $42 Million in just 7 years time. John’s team was instrumental in name branding and in developing an exclusive relationship with Home Depot for the entire state of Arizona.


Consistent performance is John’s hallmark. Implementing strict cost controls, fanatical forecasting, unique marketing, and keenly focusing on improving sales are a result of programs he developed from his days as a CEO and through strategic partnerships he forged with his clients. The culmination is amply called “profit by design … not by accident”.


Simply put, John knows what it’s like to make tough decisions during recessionary cycles which ensure profitability, provide a bedrock of successful survival, and to reinvent businesses in this new economy. John says, “it is about remaining encouraged and focusing on your purpose”. His clients praise, “he provides hope with a plan and he gets results”.

“profit by design … not by accident”

A Certified Business Coach, John is passionate about transforming the lives of small to medium business owners through the success of their business and their personal lives–providing an unconditional guarantee for his services.


John remains active in leadership. He lends his expertise as a Board Member for AIA and local for-profit corporations. Moreover, he provides time and support to Business Coaching groups, Charitable and Community organizations and Business Leadership, as well as non-profit groups. John also maintains an advisory and business development support role as the Executive Director to Five Talent Films and Producer, Glenn Bertelsen.


Personally, John enjoys reading books on business leadership, acting, working out, golf, boating, water and snow skiing, giving to charities/ministries, and spending time with his wife and 3 children.

Meet The Team

John Waters / Owner

It brings John great joy and excitement when a client calls to share of a significant milestone, success, a sale or goals achieved. John provides an unconditional guarantee for his services.

Paul Weathers / Idea Guy

Paul is thankful for all the blessings in his life, including his wife & children, and the many friends and customers he’s worked with over the years. When he isn’t playing with spreadsheets and business models, you can usually find him golfin – hikin – bikin – grillin and chillin.

Erin / Marketing

Erin loves spending time with her husband, new baby boy, Chihuahua and Maltipoo. She loves to read and learn new things. She is an avid Cowboys fan and loves to watch football and be around her friends and family.

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