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John Waters
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Just Starting Up?

Start-up is an exciting and frustrating time for a business, its owner and employees.Get started the right way with planning, strategy and Profit by Design™.

Hit A Ceiling?

Do you want to scale but just can’t quite get past some major roadblocks? Establish a clear culture, set expectations, determine process, and succeed!

Struggling With Cash Flow?

Process? Hiring? We can help. Businesses must have Established processes, and accountability and to move through each phase of a business lifecycle.

Looking To Go?

Are you ready to start The process of exit or succession planning? Get financials in order, determine valuation, identify and walkthrough each step you need to take to get you and your business ready for next phase of life.


We've helped 100's of business owners build a business that works for them.

Chad was working long days, he was burned out, discouraged with his employees and had poor cash flow in his service business. Find out how we helped and the results.

Rusty lost his passion and felt trapped and consumed by his high end retail game furniture business. Find out how we helped and the results.

Warren hit a ceiling in his commercial landscape maintenance company and was challenged to grow beyond $3,000,000. Find out how we helped and the results

John was stretched thin and struggling with inefficiencies in his commercial HVAC business. Find out how we helped and the results.

growth accelerator program


Have a clear direction and strategy to achieve your business goals, from our external, objective and non-equity, analysis and insight of your business through the eyes and ears of our experienced business leaders.

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You will be engaged as John shares his knowledge and experience through his real life stories on relevant topics that are engaging, informative, and actionable.

group business coaching


Your success is occurs because we support you to ensure the implementation of your strategic business plans using our proven Profit by Design program. Our team and I will be with you every step of the way.

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Your team's productivity is important to your success so we will work with you and your team on-site at your office. We will develop a strategic plan, and set action items to achieve them weekly. Action trumps Everything.

Review our select client case studies

John has been working with us for about 2 years, and it was the best decision we have ever made in business. Waters Business Consulting is unbelievably thorough, dedicated and disciplined in all they do. He is someone you must consider for growing your business!
-Dave Kotter, Owner/Manager, Integrity Capital, LLC

"I really appreciate John's help starting my business. I don’t think I would have made it without him. Thank you!"

Mario Cimmino, Owner of Gelato Cimmino

"Waters Business Consulting is a great resource for any small business looking for help in increasing the bottom line! I highly recommend you give them a call."

Rusty Reynolds, President, Diamondback Billiards & Games

"John has been working with us for about 2 years, and it was the best decision we have ever made in business"

Dave Kotter, Owner/Manager, Integrity Capital, LLC

"After working with John, we were able to position our landscape construction division for sale. We had four strategic buyers bid, and we were able to successfully sell the business unit."

Nick Gage, Operations Director, BlueStar Landscape

"John and his team opened my eyes to running my business better. They consistently delivered value to me and my staff to improve our business efficiency and greatly improve our customer satisfaction."

Chad Jewell, Owner, Noble Air HVAC Services

"After hiring John I was shocked at how much time and attention he gave my business. The value was unlike any Consultant I've ever worked with. No one has ever given me that much time and attention before."

Jerry Levinson, Owner, Carpets of Arizona

"John Waters has been key to helping my firm understand its revenue and helped us create a strategic plan for growing sustaining and growing our business. He tries hard to understand our business and it is obvious that he truly cares about our success."

Chris Charles, Managing Partner, Provident Law

"John is a forward thinker and that is what has made his business so successful as well as helped my business tremendously. John does an extremely good job at getting to know your business on a level that could only be expected from ownership."

Shannon Carfield, Owner, Kitchens by Good Guys


Professional Business Consultant, Coach & Speaker

I am John Waters, founder of Waters Business Consulting Group. Trusted Experience. Proven Strategies. Notable Results.

At the age of 10 years old, I became an aspiring entrepreneur with my first lemonade stand and after 30 years, I realized that my experience and the programs I developed would greatly benefit other business owners in achieving their goals and dreams.

While CEO of Creative Environments Design & Landscape Inc., my team grew annual revenue from $7.5 Million to $42 Million in just seven years.

My success occurred by overcoming challenges in nine different business partnerships, in various industries from commercial janitorial to residential real estate and technology and stocks & commodities investment brokerage to landscape design and construction.

Later, I stepped down as CEO to pursue my passion for helping entrepreneurs improve their business and life as a business owner.

Today, we’ve helped hundreds of business owners attain levels of significant success in business that they did not believe was possible using our experience and proven programs.

Helping business owners succeed in business turns my leaves green!

I bring this experience to your business, as a leader in the consulting field, to help you and your team work in, and on the business, and not just theory.

Our goal, with every client, is to consult and lead their organization towards more consistent and predictable sales, better team performance and accountability, and, ultimately, higher profitability with improved cash flow and increased business value.

In my 35 years of business and research and practical application, I’ve learned that in order to scale your business, you need People, Strategy, Execution and Capital.

At Waters Business Consulting Group, we provide professional, tailored business consulting, and coaching services to leverage your unique business model for improved infrastructure and team accountability for long term sustained growth in sales, profits, and asset value of your business.

To help you and your team work on the business for real, proven results, and not just theory, my team and I bring extensive experience to your business, as a leader in the consulting field.

Unlike most of our competitors we work with you and your team to ensure implementation of our plans, and we use proven strategies and business models with clear steps and accountability which produce positive and measurable results for our clients.


By John Waters

Profit by Design is a must-read for aspiring entrepreneurs, new business owners, business students, and seasoned CEOs. Through real-world client scenarios, John takes the reader through casting a vision, forecasting, and using data to drive decision-making with ease. 
Waters perspective brilliantly weaves fresh leadership and management strategies with proven best practices to help business leaders evolve. People are the heart and culture of any successful business and John teaches owners how to optimize “Return on Employee Investment,” critical in today’s climate.
Jayme Fitzpatrick – MEd CTE, Manager, Career & Technical Education


Trustworthy Consultants with Real Experience Producing Real Results.

Our team is obsessed with helping small to medium-size business owners achieve success and transforming their lives using our successful “Profit by Design” program resulting in improved financial freedom, greater predictability, more personal income, with less stress, and a balanced lifestyle.
Most of our clients reach a plateau where they are challenged with how to improve their business so they can earn more income, work less and position their business for a successful value or exit.
Unlike most of our competitors, our team willingly and actively rolls up our sleeves to help you complete Action Items, Projects and Implement Strategies we’ve designed to grow your business.