When John Waters speaks…people listen!

John Waters is an expert in helping business owners and managers achieve their goals.  John shares his knowledge and experience in relevant topics that are engaging, informative, and actionable.

His personality and compelling storytelling inspires people to pursue their dreams.

John Waters | Chief Growth Officer

Waters Business Consulting Group

Business Leader | Coach | Visionary | Keynote

Speaking Topics

  • How to foster a High Trust Culture”
  • “How to earn more, work Less
  • “6 Secrets to grow your business
  • “Creating vision, goals, and strategies”
  • “Failing Forward”
  • “Profit by Design”
  • Elements of a great lean pitch deck
  • “Simplified Business”
  • 7 career and life tips for young Christian
  • “Preparing your business for Sale”


If you are not completely satisfied with the current month’s coaching/consulting sessions, you will receive 100% of your paid monthly investment for that month, less any project fees, program materials and DISC assessments. The guarantee applies to the programs and fees at “standard fee” rate minimums of $2,500 and up, and for the most current month paid, after 90 days.


Confidentiality Promise

John Waters and his Team are committed to and bound by the strictest of confidentiality guarantees. Everything discussed and disclosed during any and all coaching sessions and conversations will be held in the strictest confidence in accordance to all laws, in addition to corporate and personal ethical standards. John Waters and the Business Consultants/Coaches of Waters Business Consulting Group are proud to hold our consulting/coaching practice to the highest of standards similar to that of Physicians, Lawyers, Psychiatric practitioners and other elite professionals.


We do NOT have contracts

Our services are month-to-month (after 3 month minimum commitment) so you are not locked in to any long term financial contract. We have Services Agreements and a Scope of Work that spells out specific service offerings; incentives and expectations for both the client and the coach. The incentives are offered at the discretion of Waters Business Consulting Group to enhance the Consulting/Coaching Program offer and may be withdrawn at any time.

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