Stop Enforcing These Dumb Office Rules That Make People Quit

If you want success, you’ve got to stop doing certain things. And, these include enforcing dumb office rules. Let’s face it, there are a number of do’s and don’ts in the workplace we all seem to recognize as unnecessary. But, for some strange reason, we follow tradition — even when it’s doesn’t really make sense. […]

How to Run a Work-from-Home Business

The Internet, and more particularly, the world wide web, is revolutionizing so many things in our lives and the workplace is no different. More companies are using telecommuters to work for them, and, they are reaping the benefits of less overhead. In addition, the web makes starting a business quite simple. The biggest problem for […]

How to Set Business Product and Service Prices

Pricing products and services is difficult for any new business owner. Though it might seem to be a simple equation, that’s hardly the case. There are quite a few factors which go into setting your price or prices. Even within industries that buy from manufacturers to sell directly to consumers, there are variables from one […]

Steps to Starting a Successful Side Business

There’s nothing wrong with supplementing your income, or, to start on a journey to pursue a dream. A side business is an avenue for both, but, like most full-time employees, you’re wondering just how to get started. It might surprise you, but it’s not just about the logistics. While the nuts-and-bolts are certainly vital, you’ll […]

Should You Scale or Scuttle Your Startup

When business begins to slow, your sense of confidence can slide, and it’s a scary sensation that usually follows. Facing the possibility of having to close the doors isn’t a pleasant one, and, you could feel like a complete failure. Before you begin to pack-up your office, take some time to look at the situation […]

How to Build a Positive Brand

One thing that makes companies successful is branding. We see it everywhere and all the time, from television spots, to radio ads, to catalogs and other marketing materials, businesses put out impressions of themselves to the public. The reason for branding is obvious but it’s not necessarily an easy task. It requires differentiating an entity […]

Don’t Dare Make these Startup Customer Service Mistakes

Your business is really your customers’ and when you stop to think about that, it puts things in perspective. You need paying customers to stay in business and when you pay them respect, you invest in your company’s future. We’ve all dealt with bad customer service and have shared horrific stories about our experiences. In […]

7 Steps to Start a Business from Zero

Companies, no matter their size, don’t start on their own. Someone, somewhere, someway, started something that eventually became a profitable entity. We’ve heard all the terms, like crowd funding, venture capital, angel investment, and the list goes on and on. While all these do exist, the majority of businesses are started with very little to […]