Reasons Why Small Business Loans are Denied

Small business owners can easily find themselves in the unenviable position of needing capital, but, not having ready access to cash. It presents an age-old problem, buying equipment ties cash up, even though said equipment is considered an asset. Such assets can depreciate, which worsens the situation all the more. On the cash liquidity side, […]

BREAKING NEWS! Entrepreneurs who need to raise capital will have no restrictions!

Hi Everyone! The moment many of us have been waiting for has finally arrived! About an hour ago, the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) voted to approve the FINAL rules for Title III Equity Crowdfunding under the JOBS act legislation. What this means is that in approximately 90 days, ANYONE, regardless of income, will be […]

Reasons Why Your Business Stays Cash Poor

Business owners and management professionals alike know the importance of maintaining positive cash-flow. It serves as the bloodline of a company, no matter its size, or even its asset position. In fact, some businesses learn the hard lesson that too much tied-up in assets is a liability. Having to sell such leverage just to meet […]

These Marketing Channels area Waste of Money

When you’re in business, every dollar counts, and, counts big. Revenue is useful for many purposes, particularly those which propel your company forward. You choose where you spend your money wisely, and, always look to get a solid return on investment. This is why you are careful about your hires and day-to-day operations because these […]