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Should You Scale or Scuttle Your Startup

When business begins to slow, your sense of confidence can slide, and it’s a scary sensation that usually follows. Facing the possibility of having to close the doors isn’t a pleasant one, and, you could feel like a complete failure. Before you begin to pack-up your office, take some time to look at the situation objectively. Ask yourself what’s the most likely cause and begin to take steps to solve rather than scuttle.

If you are experiencing a steady slide in sales, there’s obviously a reason why that’s so. The good news is, there are always options, which can range from scaling out, scaling down, or, shutting down. The latter might not be the most welcome, but, sometimes it’s the best option, providing you with an opportunity to try something else.

How to Solve the Scale or Scuttle Situation

Should you be facing a mountain of bills, not seeing a jump in revenue, and having to cut back where you’ve never cut before, it certainly can be frightening and frustrating. The first place to begin is with yourself, your emotions, dreams, and, mental state. If you’re in a situation that simply taxes you too much and drains your energy, you ought to consider closing and starting fresh with something new. However, if you believe you can turn things around, you should seriously consider scaling down or out.

…you’re stressed out, your relationships are fraying and your resolve is destroyed. Nevertheless,you must take action in order to end the turbulence with as much poise as possible. You can’t change the past, but you can certainly determine how you [proceed]. —

Scaling down is obviously taking measures to reduce your business workload to concentrate on key accounts. Scaling out isn’t the same as going up, it’s more lateral, providing more of what you already do, not offering new things. If you’re still wondering which way to go, take the following into consideration to make an informed, well-thought decision:

  • Look at your workable options. One mistake some failing businesses make is to hammer a square peg into a circle, meaning they attempt to go beyond their core competencies, and, that’s just not a good idea. You’ll nearly inevitably see this backfire and make things go from bad to worse.
  • Be prepared to stunt growth. Some businesses falter, not because of the lack of revenue, but because they take on too much. Should you and your team be stretched thin, it’s time to scale back and produce the best you can deliver. What you’ll find is more happy customers, co-workers, and self contentment.
  • Get some unbiased advice. An outside view by an experienced business consultant can shed a lot of light on problems you didn’t even realize existed. Have your business evaluated and get some helpful advice that isn’t tainted by being too close or too attached.
  • Know your company’s limits, and, its potential. Here again, if your company can’t comfortably keep pace with demand, it’s time to pull back and deliver quality over quantity. Should you be experiencing a spike, consider your business’ potential and grow incrementally.
  • Understand your cash position. Having less cash isn’t necessarily or always a bad thing. It causes you to look at and prioritize expenses, weeding out what’s not needed. You’ll find creativity if you don’t succumb to fear.

Another factor you’ll have to face is the emotional adjustment. We’re told all our lives that quitters never win and winners never quit, but, that goes against reality. Be willing to make an emotional adjustment and deal with the reality.
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