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Big Benefits of Business Coaching - Expert Consultant John Waters Explains

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Big Benefits of Business Coaching

It takes a lot of determination, grit, and optimism to start and grow a business in today’s environment. The duality of the web is that you can broadcast further than ever before, reaching more potential customers, but so can your competition. The internet certainly changes the dynamics of business, but it’s not your only tool. You have more at your disposal, and for many entrepreneurs, they don’t look to much else. That certainly creates a problem, but it’s one that can be overcome, with the right attitude and mindset.

Put another way, business owners succeeded before the advent of the web, and, those who are now growing do so making the most of what’s available. These entrepreneurs understand that ultimately, business is all about people, and, having the advice of an experienced professional does so much.

The Big Benefits of Business Coaching

You’ve heard about business coaching but might wonder why companies utilize their services. One advantage is gaining insight into what growing a company looks like from someone that’s been through the process time and again. Often times, companies lack experience in dealing with problems not faced before. They simply don’t know where to begin, or, what tack to take.

Business coaching is not just for entrepreneurs with small to medium sized enterprises.
In fact, studies have shown that over 58% of large corporations have expanded their use of business coaching over the last few years. Why? Because it works. —Enterprise Hub

That’s a really a bad place to be and decisions made with uncertainty rarely have good outcomes. It’s not just fear that fells companies and alters their direction, but also, lack of preparation and not having an adequate, workable system in place. There are still more reasons companies benefit from business coaching, including the following:

  • Organization and time management. A huge problem for most business owners is that so many things compete for their attention. That can easily lead to becoming disorganized, and, to poor time management. With someone helping to set priorities, schedules, and boundaries, a lot more will get done with the most important tackled at the right time, with limited distraction.
  • Setting achievable goals to build momentum. One thing that can weigh down a business and get an entrepreneur stuck is lack of achievement. The reason material is taught in a incremental, tiered fashion, practically no matter the subject, is because it works. People are naturally motivated to reach other goals when they’ve had success. Sure, there is always the possibility of failure, but when it has a small impact, it’s a lot easier to overcome.
  • Making team members accountable. A hobgoblin of business is one the wreaks havoc both subtly and overtly: little to no assigned accountability. For team members, as well as owners, to be truly productive, creative, and deliver their best, everyone in the organization needs to be held accountable. The trouble with this scenario is those on the inside usually have difficulty seeing the forest for the trees. Put another way, it’s hard to assign accountability to each team member because you’re dealing with personalities and emotions. A third party will have a much more clear view.
  • Smart financial projecting and planning. It’s not easy to make financial projections and plan for the future when you’re trying to run a business. While you likely have a grasp on potential, there will be contingencies. Here again, having an experienced hand will take off pressure and keep you from diluting the numbers for a variety of reasons.
  • Creating a better, more open environment. When everyone in the organization feels valued and is encouraged to contribute creatively, there’s a lot of good that will come as a result. Tapping into those resources must be done in a positive, proactive, and genuine way.

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