These Two Words Reveal Bad Leadership Skills

Harry Truman once said, “It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” Ronald Reagan echoed that sentiment. JFK famously said, “…ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.” Taking credit, even when legitimately earned, doesn’t sit well […]

How to Deal with a Client Who Keeps Breaking their Promises

What do you do with a client who keeps breaking their promises? It’s certainly not an easy problem to solve. And, even more difficult when you come to the realization you’re a bigger part of the issue than you originally thought. As is the case with so many complicated circumstances, you probably share a good […]

How to Deal with Bad, Fake Reviews

You work hard to give your customers a great experience and earn their trust. You’ve built a great reputation in your industry, but out of nowhere, comes this scorching online review. Aside from its negative connotation, you’re baffled by the fact that you have absolutely no idea who this person is or any recollection of […]

The Two Key People that Can Tell You if a New Hire will Work Out

There are two people in your life that can immediately tell you if a job candidate is a good hire. When both (or either one) doesn’t get a good vibe, it’s an important warning sign to heed. While some candidates fit the bill precisely on paper, but it’s what’s not on the resume that’s most […]

How to Deal with Employees Who Don’t get Along

You may have some terrific employees who always deliver on their promises and go above and beyond expectations. They intuitively know where to pick up on certain projects and how to get the job done right. You wish that all your employees delivered the same high quality work, but you’re content that you have enough […]

3 Sure-Fire Ways to Exhaust and Infuriate Good Employees

No manager or business owner sets out to sabotage their employees. But, that’s sometimes the end result, brought on by a number of different behaviors. For instance, it’s well known that holding unnecessary meetings is a great way to agitate and irk team members. After all, they know superfluousness when they’re unwillingly subjected to it. […]

Now Might be an Opportune Time to Expand Your Business — Here’s Why

Any experienced financial advisor will tell his or her clients to buy when the market experiences a downturn. “Everything is on sale,” is the old adage, and for good reason. If an investor rides the roller coaster, he or she will make up any “paper losses” only to add real gains later on. Business owners […]

Should I Sell My Business During the Downturn or Wait until the Economy Rebounds

If you run a successful business — and have for many years — it’s understandable that during such an uncertain time as there is now, you might consider just getting out. This is particularly true for individuals who’ve enjoyed a good amount of success but just don’t want to go through another cycle that again […]

Now is the Perfect Time to Plan for the Next Big Disruption

Pandemics, natural disasters, and other unfortunate events might be a rarity, but they do happen. While it’s certainly possible we may not experience a major event in the near future, it’s irresponsible to ignore the possibility. After all, there’s an undeniable truth to the old adage, “Better safe than sorry.” Even if it is only […]

Business Leaders This Responsibility Rule Exemption Doesn’t Apply to You

“You’re not responsible for the irresponsibility of others.” Or, “You can only control you, not other people.” Both are great pieces of advice to live by. Except, when you’re in a position of leadership. When you’re in charge, you are responsible for the actions of others. It’s a stark contrast to the peer-to-peer world. Because, […]