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Successful People Over Come These Big Challenges - Business Coaching

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Successful People Over Come These Big Challenges

You’ve heard the cliches about you being your own biggest obstacle and starting with the person in the mirror to change course. Although inspirational, these leave something to be desired, and, it’s an important element called action. It’s difficult to take on challenges, especially when it’s your own business. These will be a reality, but, it’s how we act and react that ultimately dictates the outcome. The reason successful people act, or, react in certain ways is because they accept one immutable truth — avoidance does nothing but make situations worse.

Oddly enough, just acting without a true purpose or plan, usually delivers the same consequence, which is why Zig Ziglar said many times over, “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” Successful people not only act and react in a deliberate way, they do so with a goal in mind.

Successful People Overcome these Big Challenges

The trouble for some entrepreneurs is they let other things get in the way. Let’s be clear, we all have doubts, we all are susceptible to believing the worst, and to give into negative emotions. This is why there are no self-help manuals on how to fail. Failure is something we all do naturally, success is something that’s learned. It’s a combination of experience, judgment, and attitude. When you fail, you ought step into a Thomas Edison mindset, accepting the ultimate answer might be among many failures.

Many small businesses are limited in growth by the number of hours they have in the day. They can’t scale their businesses without adding more people or automating existing processes. Automating sales and marketing processes allow small businesses to gain the efficiencies of their bigger counterparts. —The Business Journals

Within these examples, we see perseverance, but, even the most resolute can be negatively impacted by various influences. All sorts of pressures can put an entrepreneur under a lot of stress and stress stretches thin clear thinking. It’s how you deal with these that determines if, as a business owner, you will succeed or will fail. In other words, successful entrepreneurs don’t let these challenges hold them back — not even the following:

  • Money. This is perhaps one of the single largest challenges (read: myths) that plague the business world. While money does provide you with resources for options, that doesn’t mean said options are worthwhile. Just ask Facebook, a company valued at about $200 billion with more than a billion users worldwide. Just two years ago, in 2013, the company put a lot of resources (read: money) behind Facebook Home. It debuted with a two-year subscription price of $99. Just two months later, it drop precipitously to a mere $0.99, after consumers put-in their two-cents worth. Having to really think about spending money wisely means having to make informed decisions.
  • Age. The number of years you’ve lived on this planet might be relatively few or relatively long, but, it doesn’t really matter. Notice the word “relatively.” Age is only a number and it doesn’t mean that you’re naive if you’re young or wise if you’re old. Your age doesn’t give people the authority or right, to tell you what you should and should not do.
  • Self doubt. This is a primordial trait, and, one that’s designed to make us approach the unknown with caution. Our primitive ancestors simply didn’t know if something would be harmful or helpful until it was tried. Doubt is healthy because it forces us to take pause but it doesn’t have to be an insurmountable barrier. Use it to your advantage and don’t let it take control.
  • Toxic people. Successful people don’t allow toxic people in their lives. What’s more, they quickly identify such bad personalities and stay clear. The reason some avoid what’s otherwise obvious, is the ability to rationalize certain relationships thinking that the good will outweigh the bad — it won’t.

Another big challenge is one that’s very real and direct: the competition. You are nearly assured to see others succeeding in the same industry, even in the same niche. This can certainly be a discouragement, but, doesn’t have to be one. Instead, look at them as an inspiration, if he or she did it, then why can’t you do the same?

While you might have different beginnings, talents, and resources, you can use what’s at your disposal to your advantage. Set small measurable goals, achieve each one, and built up success in an incremental, sincere fashion.

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