Learn this Uber London Quebec Business Lesson Right Now

Uber just lost its operating license in London. Then, Quebec passed tough new regulations. That caused Uber to announce a cessation of operations starting next month. There are many cities, municipalities, and unions suing Uber. Their claim is the ride-share company isn’t restricted by the same rules as taxis and like services. However, Uber remains popular with the public. It provides a different experience and often for a lower cost. But, it is definitely learning taking on government regulations is no easy task.

4 Helpful Tips for Entering a Regulated Business Industry

You might want to start a business to help people. And, that’s what many others do successfully. Although, if it’s in a heavily or even a moderately regulated industry, you’ll face several extra obstacles than entrepreneurs in different fields. The truth of the matter is, starting a business in any industry presents inherent risks. But, this certainly doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

If you’re building a new social network, creating a tech-enabled food delivery business, or developing an artificial-intelligence translation tool, there aren’t many demanding rules to adhere to. But if your startup deals with issues such as health care, finance, or education, things can be rather more difficult. —MIT Technology Review

It’s actually far from impossible. You just have to be realistic and pragmatic. In fact, you need to take many things into account before you jump into a regulated industry. After all, you’re chances of stumbling or outright failing are undoubtedly higher. That’s okay, if you take it as a challenge, you’ll probably get some worthwhile lessons along the way. Here are four helpful tips for entering a regulated business industry:

  • Conduct extensive research. This should go without stating but sometimes the obvious really needs emphasis. You need to conduct a lot of research before you take step one. Knowledge is power and there’s nothing more damaging than ignorance. As the saying goes, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” And, that’s not a place to start. So, do all the research you can.
  • Talk to people already thriving. Chances are excellent there’s already somebody, somewhere succeeding in that particular industry. Find him or her and personally reach out. Be upfront and honest about your ambitions. If you are respectful and open, they’ll be far more generous with important information.
  • Start very small and scale up slowly. One bit of advice that works quite well in every industry is to start small and scale up incrementally. It’s very risky to jump right in, front-loaded with debt, and hope everything works out. So, start small, test the market, get to know it, and grow little by little.
  • Keep abreast of all pertinent regulations. Regulations don’t necessarily stay the same. The rules can change at any time. Understanding and accepting this is key. Do yourself a huge favor and keep up with those changes so you aren’t taken by surprise.

Have you built a business in a heavily regulated industry? What other advice do you have? Please share your thoughts and experiences by commenting!

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