Telltale Signs Your Employees Really Don’t Like You

Whether you’re a business owner, manager, or supervisor, you’re always at risk from becoming a pseudo-pariah. Different personalities can clash and even those which normally get along can become strained. Of course, no matter what types of business you’re in, you need a well-organized team. But, just because you have assembled the talent doesn’t mean you’re getting the best performance. Because when employees don’t like you, they’ll adeptly conceal their feelings.

Best Qualities of a Likeable Boss

The fact of the matter is, employees (and customers alike) are fond of certain qualities. For instance, they like people who are well-organized, respectful, and willing to lend a helping hand. They like people who are honest even when it’s not popular and people who are fair.

Besides all your accomplishments as a business person, are you sure that you are a great boss? This is because leadership skills play a pivotal role in climbing the success ladder. Unfortunately, poor leadership is one of the most common reasons behind businesses falling back with their entrepreneurs earning the tag of bad bosses. Being a good boss comes with plethora of leadership challenges that every entrepreneur has to go through. —Pocket HCM

Likewise, they also treasure integrity, guidance, and humility. What’s more, people love someone who listens and takes genuine interest. Trouble is, you might have many of these qualities but still don’t make a strong connection with your team members. If this is the case, chances are excellent there’s something you’re missing.

Telltale Signs Your Employees Really Don’t Like You

Some business owners, managers, and supervisors believe that ruling with an iron fist is just necessary evil. Others try to strike a balance, being tough but fair. Whatever the case, if you have a notion that your employees don’t really like you, it’s time to look for the following signs:

  • High turnover rate. This is perhaps the biggest telltale signal. If your organization is riddled with high turnover, you might be the culprit. Solicit feedback from as many team members as possible to learn if you are part or at the center of the problem.
  • Little to no volunteering. Content employees are eager to volunteer because they enjoy working in the environment, with their coworkers, and boss, as well. A lack of volunteering might stem from the way you run the business. Or, at least, because it’s an uncomfortable environment.
  • Practically no small talk. If your employees are short on small talk with you, there’s definitely a reason why. Happy employees are happy to chew the fat with their boss. At least, when they believe there’s a good relationship. Simply put, a lack of small talk speaks volumes.
  • Body language speaks volumes. Speaking of speaking volumes, pay close attention to body language. Eye rolls, crossed arms, fidgeting, no eye contact, no or fake smiling, and more are all telltale signs they’re failing to get their mind and body to agree.

What other signs would you add to this list? How can business owners get honest feedback from their team? Please share your thoughts and experiences by leaving a comment!

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