Want to Make the New Year a Success? Avoid these People

The New Year will soon be upon us. And, the majority will make different resolutions. Usually, these are about personal goals — going on a diet, getting in shape, and spending more quality time with family and friends. But many of us will also include a few business goals on our lists. And, there certainly isn’t anything wrong with this. Of course, this comes with its own set of challenges. One of the biggest, is avoiding toxic personalities.

Why Avoiding Toxic Personalities is So Difficult

Okay, that’s great and it’s also all-too obvious. Who really seeks out toxic personalities? Well, no one does — at least not consciously. But, isn’t it strange how we all seem to attract crazy? Or at the very least, difficult. So, what is so difficult about avoiding bad personalities? The answer is complex. Boil it down to logistics and it becomes more clear. We simply do not have control over who comes into our lives.

Unfortunately, not everyone pushes us to be better. Some people stop us from following our dreams or talk us out of taking a risk, and we don’t always realize that it’s happening. So it’s important to be aware and consciously choose who we spend time with, to limit spending time with toxic people —Success.com

To an extent, we can avoid known bad personalities. But, even this becomes difficult in the workplace. Sometimes, there is no real choice. You must accept the situation and make the most of it. However that doesn’t mean you don’t have any options at your disposal.

Personality Types to Avoid in Order to Succeed

The fact of the matter is, you become a product of the company you keep. It is a long-proven phenomenon. That’s precisely why there’s so much advice about surrounding yourself with good people. They’ll have a positive impact on you. As a result, you’ll achieve more and adopt a better outlook on life. As Jim Rohn said,
“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” But, this means there are personality types you need to avoid, like the following:

  • Micromanagers. This personality tops the list because it’s the type no one can stand. Sure, management is a good thing. But, when it’s repeatedly taken to a granular level, it becomes counterproductive. Worse yet, it causes others to become resentful and unmotivated. Learning to solve problems independently is far more valuable.
  • Short-term thinkers. There is nothing wrong with having a short-term game plan to reach a goal. But, it should fit into a larger scheme toward an ultimate goal. Short-term thinking is good for the near future but it’s an obstacle to long-term success.
  • Pessimists. Pessimism isn’t always a bad trait. In fact, when it’s useful we call it pragmatism. That’s a good thing because it helps us to avoid unnecessary risk. But a pessimist doesn’t see anything but downside. When this happens, it’s very hard to move forward confidently or at all.
  • Big spenders. Spendthrifts are also a bad influence. They don’t take financial responsibility. And, the results are often bad. Of course, there are times when it’s okay to spend but constantly splurging is just a recipe for ruin.

Which other personalities do you avoid? Which personalities are a real asset to entrepreneurs? Please, share your thoughts and experiences by commenting and joining the discussion!

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