Disney Might Rename Its Studios Park ‘Cinemagine’ — Why That’s Important to You

A recent news report reveals Disney just might change its studios park name from Disney Hollywood Studios to Cinemagine. It’s one of several choices put out by the entertainment company in a survey. Other names included Beyond Park, Storyverse Park, and Legends Park. But, it appears Cinemagine is the favorite. While a big deal to Disney enthusiasts, it might not strike you as a big deal. It is. Here’s why. A business name plays a pivotal role in marketing. It’s the company’s identity. It also helps to separate it from the competition. So, if you’re considering changing your business name, you should think seriously about a few factors.

Steps to Change a Business Name

Disney isn’t the only company to go about renaming a product. For instance, Netflix revamped its icon. Dunkin’ Donuts is also in the process of tweaking its name. Now, these examples are important because it’s a really big deal for such recognizable brands. But, for most small businesses, this isn’t as nearly as involved. All you need to do is to change your DBA and consult the IRS’ bulletin “Do I need a new EIN?

One question that small business owners commonly ask is how to change their business name. It’s only natural for a business to grow, evolve or change direction over the course of its lifetime. The name you hatched in the early days may no longer fit your business’ market, activities or brand personality now. The question is: is there an easy way to officially change the business’ name without having to start all over again? —Small Business Trends

Then, you can go about changing the LLC or the corporate name. (The procedure will differ from state to state and might also involve the county. So, be sure to learn what is and what isn’t necessary.)

How to Know When It’s Time to Change Your Business Name

While the step-by-step process isn’t all that difficult, it’s not something you should rush into doing without stopping to consider a few factors. After all, changing your business’ name deals with public perception and more. Here are a few good reasons you should change your business’ name:

  • It’s too complicated. If your business name is long and/or complex, it’s probably time for a change. Names which are difficult to pronounce or are unusually long just cause confusion or waste space.
  • It’s just too generic. If your business name is too plain or it doesn’t convey a message, that is also a strong indication it’s time for a change. Look at your competition and even names from other industries for inspiration.
  • It no longer fits your model. It’s common for a business to start off in one direction and then move into another. Should this be the case and the name no longer fits what you’re doing, it’s only sensible to change your company’s name.
  • There’s no harm to brand equity. This means if people readily recognize the name, it is its own asset. So, you should think carefully about making a change. But, if there is little to no brand equity, a change might be worthwhile.

Have you changed your business name? What other factors would you consider important? Please share your thoughts and experiences by commenting!

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