Here are the 3 Biggest Self-Imposed Entrepreneurial Roadblocks

More often than not, the person in the mirror is the individual who is most to blame for your problems. Usually, lack of success isn’t due to external circumstances or a run of bad luck. Poor decisions are typically the culprit. And, these mostly come from the failure to recognize certain self-imposed roadblocks.

How Modern Culture undermines Businesses

Now, this doesn’t mean there are never any real externalities which play a significant role. Just take a quick look at modern culture. Practically everything is now on-demand. We live at a time where immediate gratification is normal. But, that’s a dangerous situation.

Success is what every business person and entrepreneur desires from the very core of their being. They have a dream, a genius idea and an initial excitement to make it happen. Having a great idea and building a sustainable empire, however, are very different things and many, if not most, fail. To rank among those who succeed you must master certain disciplines to avoid sabotaging your own success. —

You first need to instill self-discipline and realize it’s more advantageous to accomplish your biggest goals in small steps. An incremental approach will cause you to think through scenarios and have a more clear understanding. However, just taking it step-by-step might not be enough.

3 Biggest Self-Imposed Entrepreneurial Roadblocks

Let’s get back to how too many entrepreneurs sabotage themselves. They put up roadblocks which keep them from realizing their full potential. So, here’s the three most common self-imposed roadblocks you need to recognize and deal with:

  • Not recognizing futility for what it is. If you’ve ever seen the movie “Wargames,” then you know the scene when Dr. Stephen Falken uses the example of tic-tac-toe to illustrate the importance of recognizing futility. But, that’s the exact opposite of what we hear time and time again. You’re not supposed to give up. Keep fighting and find a way. However, there are times when it’s just futile and you can’t win. Remember Einstein said repeating the same thing and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.
  • Seriously doubting your own abilities. This is perhaps the most common self-imposed roadblock. It’s natural to have reservations, even to feel fear and/or doubt. Although, too much doubt is a poison pill. It’s simply paralyzing and ultimately self-defeating to give into unrealistic doubts.
  • Saying “Yes” when “No” is appropriate. We’ve all heard the advice to give things away for free or at little cost. Additionally, to always help others. But, saying “Yes,” can easily obstruct your ability to grow your business. After all, you need to focus on your own business to build it up before you can actually be in a position to help others do the same with their companies.

What other self-imposed roadblocks have you overcome? How do you move past your own limitations? Please share your thoughts by commenting and joining the conversation!

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