Apple Reluctantly Admits iPhone Sales Dropped 15% — Here’s What that Means for Your Business

It’s the dreaded, seemingly unbelievable news Apple warned its investors about earlier this month. The sales of its most important product, the iPhone, free-fell by 15 percent. Since these devices account of 60 percent of Apple’s business, that’s a big, big deal. Overall, the tech company’s sales dropped 5 percent; a sizable setback, indeed.

How Setbacks can Impact Businesses

What this demonstrates, quite starkly, is that no company is immune from setbacks. No matter how popular their products and/or services. Regardless of the economic climate. Despite strong consumer sentiment. Any business can suffer setbacks.

Reconnecting with the determination that’s helped you succeed takes re-examining your strengths and a little creativity. When challenging scenarios have you hanging your head, shore up your confidence with these skills so you can get back up, dust yourself off and look the challenge in the eye to overcome. —

It’s not just monetary losses, either. When a setback occurs, it can shatter confidence. So much it’s difficult to get it back again. In other words, a setback can not only take away from the bottom line, it can take an emotional, psychological toll. And, these shouldn’t be understated.

Ways Businesses can Overcome Setbacks

So, just how do businesses deal with setbacks? What can they do to turn things around and get back into a positive groove? Here are some effective ways to deal with setbacks:

  • Face it head-on. There’s no sense in denying reality. Acknowledge the situation to start to understand just what’s happening. And, take comfort in the fact that you’re now a bit wiser for the experience.
  • Avoid the blame game. Sure, there’s probably a person or two you can point to as the culprit(s). But, this is only useful in getting to the core of the problem itself. Playing the blame game does nothing to move you forward. Identify the source, accept it, and move on from there.
  • Give it a little time. Instead of just jumping into a fix, allow some time for introspection and reflection. If you hurry, you’ll probably only make things worse for rushing into the first rash solution. Impatience is very powerful at undermining because it takes time to heal.
  • Move forward with caution. If you take your time, you’re much more apt to pinpoint the problem points and come up with workable, realistic solutions. Proceed with caution and then, if there’s headway, push past your comfort zone. After all, if you step outside of your comfort zone, you’re bound to see things in a totally different way than before.

How do you deal with setbacks? What other remedies would you recommend people try? Please share your thoughts and experiences by commenting!

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