Only a few short months ago, the economy was on fire. Then, a slow moving disaster crept across the globe. Shortly after, the coronavirus pandemic triggered a drastic response. An almost total shutdown ensued. Now, re-openings are happening everywhere. But, the unprecedented reaction upended so much, it’s very difficult to return to normalcy. And, it’s enough to make your head spin.

The Real Cost of Rash Decisions

Rash decisions typically equal regret. But, it’s not just the let down. It’s also the waste of time and money. We all know this, which is precisely why we instinctively hate making rushed decisions. It’s the reason we take time to understand the circumstances. But, when the pressure is on, it’s difficult to resist in the moment.

…we need information and we need help to face our problems. But we can only arrive at the solutions by ourselves. The trick is giving our minds the space they need. —Psychology Today

Everyone responds to stress differently. Although, there are most definitely commonalities. Fast heart beat, perspiration, even trembling, are all physical symptoms. Then, there’s the toll it takes on your emotions and it becomes very difficult to think clearly.

Effective Ways to Think Clearly

So, just how do you clear your head? Most people will take a deep breath (which makes the list below). But, sometimes, that’s not enough. Here are some helpful suggestions for how to think clearly during crazy times:

What other suggestions do you have for thinking clearly? Please, take a moment to share your thoughts and experiences by commenting and benefiting others!

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