Now Might be an Opportune Time to Expand Your Business — Here’s Why

Any experienced financial advisor will tell his or her clients to buy when the market experiences a downturn. “Everything is on sale,” is the old adage, and for good reason. If an investor rides the roller coaster, he or she will make up any “paper losses” only to add real gains later on. Business owners know this but are often too afraid to take the risk. Then, later regret not seizing the opportunity.

Why Economic Downturns Create Opportunity

Most economic downturns hurt a variety of industries. By the same token, that creates opportunities for those unaffected, and even those who are. Here’s an example. A construction business will probably suffer during an economic downturn as more people will attempt to go the DIY route. But, once the homeowner gets in over his or her head, they’ll need a professional.

Entrepreneurs are often reluctant to spend money to make acquisitions, expand capacity or open new markets during an economic downturn. However, downturns can be an ideal time to invest in your business. Every recession creates opportunities for innovative entrepreneurs. And inaction doesn’t mean safety in uncertain times. Rather than simply hope things will get better, you should act to improve your operations and position yourself for growth when the economy recovers.
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The contractor who continues to aggressively market their services will likely be the one to benefit. Because their competition will likely cut back on advertising and maybe even layoff crew, the construction firm that remains publicly out front will reap the rewards of strategic marketing. Meanwhile, those who pulled back will only continue to shrink.

3 Reasons Now is the Time to Expand Your Business

Even though just about everyone knows that a bear market presents opportunity, a good percentage will err on the side of caution, rather than taking a risk. So, it’s important to know the rewards that favor those who seize the opportunity. Here are three reasons now the time to expand your business:

  • Commercial real estate is slow. Because of the nature of this economic downturn, commercial real estate is in a slump. That means you can use the circumstances to your advantage and negotiate a favorable deal. With a little bit of swagger and confidence, and a keen eye on opportunity, it’s possible to negotiate aggressively and score a real win.
  • Remote work costs less than on-site. It’s no secret that remote workers cost substantially less than on-site employees. This is a great way to expand your workforce while getting a substantial discount and expand your business as a result. This also allows you to streamline your processes to get more productivity without paying more for it.
  • There’s a larger pool of talent available. When the economy slides, many talented individuals become unemployed. That means, if you’re discerning enough, you can put their advanced skill sets to work for your business. What’s more, motivated and successful individuals will most likely come to you, while lackluster individuals and people who aren’t ambitious won’t.

What other suggestions do you have for expanding a business? Please share your thoughts and experiences by commenting and giving others some ideas!

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