Employees are Quitting Instead of Returning to Work and That’s a Good Thing — Here’s Why

Leading news organizations continue to report a substantial number of employees are quitting their jobs rather than returning to work. The headlines are stark and alarming. They are also good news. Yes, it’s actually not cause for alarm. Instead, it’s a blessing in disguise, a silver lining to a cloud. Read on to learn why.

Quitters Never Win?

It’s a cliche, “Winners never quit and quitters never win.” But, we all know there are certainly exceptions. Put another way, sometimes quitting is the right choice, the best option, for an employee. Moving on and into something new can prove extraordinarily fortunate and fulfilling. However, it can also reveal qualities that aren’t net positives for businesses.
After spending more than a year at home, some don’t want to go back to commuting, preferring the flexibility of remote work at least a few days a week. Others are simply burned out from logging long hours while also balancing child care and remote school, sometimes all at once. And nearly all employees are ready to see what else is out there. —CNBC
Practically anyone who chooses to walk away and be part of what’s currently referred to as the “Great Resignation” is doing so for almost entirely personal reasons. And, that could very well point to a deficiency not previously exposed to co-workers, administrators, and owners. This of course being, unwanted characteristics, such as laziness, lack of passion or even interest, and just showing up for a paycheck. All of those are things a business can really do without.

3 Top Employee Qualities

On the other side of the equation is the qualities that are the most beneficial to businesses. Companies should always look beyond resumes and take full advantage of the interview process (perhaps even going so far as to an informal interview over lunch or dinner). Here are some of the top qualities good employees naturally exhibit:
  • Strong work ethic. Someone with a strong work ethic will obviously be productive. But also, concerned about the quality of work he or she is producing. But, be careful not to mistake a workaholic or the extreme statistics of the Japanese “karoshi,” people who literally die as a result of overworking. Strong work ethic isn’t the same and will offer a much more well-adjusted person to your team.
  • Enthusiasm for the job. An enthusiastic individual is quite fortunately fairly easy to spot and even more thankfully, easy to distinguish from a phony or fake. (Phonies and fakes often exhibit many telltale signs they are just not genuine.) These people usually speak with zeal and great pleasure about their work. What’s more, will also talk about their work in a very focused yet informal and understandable manner.
  • Team cooperation and collaboration. Place this quality in the “obvious” column, but one that’s definitely worth including. A person who is a true team player tends to be an individual who loves to listen to the input and perspective of others. Also, someone who can follow instructions without a bad or negative attitude, but can just as easily step into a leadership role, yet relinquish control for the good of the company.
What other suggestions do you have? Please take a brief moment to share your thoughts and experiences so others can benefit from your unique perspective! You might just help out someone in a profound way. Interested in learning more about business? Then just visit Waters Business Consulting Group.

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