Is Your Business Charging Enough for its Products and Services? Probably Not. Here’s Why…

“Sure, we lose money on every sale, but we make up for it on volume.” This witty saying is often repeated in the business world because it effectively demonstrates a fundamental flaw with a company’s operating model. But, like any really good bit of humor, it contains an undeniable truth. Plus, it is probably applicable to your own business in an abstract way. If you have ever wrestled with raising the prices you charge for your business’ goods and services, then now is a great time to resolve that issue.

Why Businesses Don’t Raise their Prices

Although large corporations and big companies do raise their prices fairly routinely, small business owners are averse to doing the same. It’s not because small business owners aren’t smart operators, it’s merely the fear of the possible repercussions. Perhaps the biggest objection is that maintaining lower prices attracts new customers and greatly influences repeat business. While this might be ostensibly true, it can’t exist in perpetuity.
A major part of running a successful business is knowing at what price to value your services or products. Entrepreneurs and business owners must ensure a balance in price between costs and gains. While low prices are certainly an attractive selling point, a variety of factors can bring pressure to bear on your bottom line, necessitating a higher charge for your services. —
Another reason small businesses don’t raise their prices is that they’ve become so accustomed to their charging schedule. Though it sounds like a cop-out, it’s just the comfort of complacency that allows them to dismiss the notion of increasing their prices. Then, there are the logistical factors that come into play, which is particularly true in retail, where items must be individually updated, along with point of sale systems.

Three Compelling Reasons Businesses should Charge More

Even though most small business owners would gladly welcome a pay bump in their bottom line, they avoid increasing what they charge because they fear it will result in a loss of customers. However, this only looks at one side of the equation. Here are three compelling reasons why businesses should charge more for their products and services:
  • There model is outdated. It’s a real accomplishment to stay in business for years on end. Everyone knows the statistics, that a high percentage of businesses fail in the first two to three years. But thereafter, they become not only viable but probably profitable enough to sustain a few sets of disruptive circumstances. Since business owners always experience ups and downs, they find a great deal of unconscious comfort in their pricing models that they established at the outset. But, as years go by, prices should go up incrementally to keep up with the times.
  • There’s a lack of other service providers. The very fact that so many businesses fail, compounded by the shutdowns resulting from the global pandemic, means there are likely fewer service providers around right now. This represents a prime opportunity to market more aggressively, raise your prices, and build out quality staff. If you don’t, you’re missing a key moment that you’ll probably regret in the future.
  • The cost of doing business just keeps rising. Of course, everything costs more now than it did just a short time ago. It’s not just the shortage of materials that the world is currently experiencing, but also other dynamics, such as inflation, the always rising costs of employee benefits, insurance, rent, and just about everything else associated with the cost of doing business is going up.
What other reasons warrant raising prices? Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts and experiences so others can benefit from your input! Interested in learning more about business? Then just visit Waters Business Consulting Group.

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