3 Big Reopening Mistakes Businesses should Avoid

Businesses are anxious to reopen. Consumers are likewise ready to return to normal (or as close to normal as possible). But, any business reopening must do so responsibly. After all, not providing a safe environment will only backfire and cost them in a number of ways. This means taking a smart, incremental approach and one […]

Coronavirus Presents an Opportunity to Teach Your Children about Business

The Sword of Damocles tells a very important story about the stark reality of being in a position of power. For those unfamiliar, Damocles is a court sycophant or flatterer, who pines for the power of King Dionysus II. The king gives his throne to Damocles, who in-turn enjoys fine food and drink, opulence, and […]

During the Coronavirus Quarantine, Communication is Key

With the massive disruption the coronavirus has foisted on businesses and consumers alike, it’s more important than ever to keep an open line of communication. While many focus on the need for telecommuting or teleworking, they do not highlight on the very vital role of maintaining good relationships with not only customers, but vendors, and […]