Coronavirus Presents an Opportunity to Teach Your Children about Business

The Sword of Damocles tells a very important story about the stark reality of being in a position of power. For those unfamiliar, Damocles is a court sycophant or flatterer, who pines for the power of King Dionysus II. The king gives his throne to Damocles, who in-turn enjoys fine food and drink, opulence, and entertainment, only to be surprised by a razor-sharp sword dangling over his head, held in-place by a single horsehair. In an instant, Damocles learns power comes with a price. That every leader is under constant threat of being replaced or worse.

Crisis can Turn into Opportunity

A pandemic was probably the furthest thing on any business leader’s mind prior to the outbreak of COVID-19. Now, hindsight being 20/20, it’s easy to see the sword comes in many forms. And, it’s a great time to teach your children about the inevitable ups and downs of owning and running a business.

By becoming an entrepreneur — whether it is simply putting up a neighborhood lemonade stand, launching a landscaping business or developing a new app — kids can learn about budgeting, saving, spending and investing. —

You can teach many lessons by having your kid(s) start and operate a small business. But, as we adults know, failure is where the hard but necessary lessons lie. Use this crisis to show your children how to cope and face adversity. It’s a terrific time because there’s no shortage of awareness about the outbreak and quarantines. Meaning, there’s a lot of context and therefore, makes it easier to use real-world examples.

Three Lessons the Coronavirus Business Owners can Teach their Kids

The moment we’re all experiencing as business owners, managers, and team leaders causes us to question a whole lot of things. And, that’s not a bad thing, especially when it comes to teaching business lessons to children who can later use that information. Here are three important business lessons entrepreneurs can teach their kids:

  • Debt. Everyone knows the risk accumulating debt carries. But, it’s so commonplace, we just don’t appreciate how dangerous it can be when things go wrong. While debt is very often used by companies of all shapes and sizes, when there’s a disruption in the economy, it remains an obligation that can’t be ignored. Debt is sometimes necessary but when it’s used in excess, it can financially ruin a business and even personal lives in a devastating way.
  • Hard choices. Another important lesson to teach is about having to make tough decisions. Being able to evaluate the circumstances, choose essential personnel, and identify where cuts can be made certainly isn’t easy. But, it’s a wonderful life lesson to relate that will make a life-long impression.
  • Streamlining. Call it identifying redundancy or creating efficiency. If you take an honest look at everything inside your business, you’re going to find unnecessary duplication or just flat out waste. Use these examples and make them relatable on an age-appropriate level.

What other lessons would you add to this list? Please share your thoughts and experiences by commenting!

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