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How to Know When You're Ready to Become Your Own Boss - Industry Insights by Consulting Expert John Waters

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How to Know When You’re Ready to Become Your Own Boss

Everyone knows there’s risk involved starting a new business. Even though the wheel isn’t being reinvented, carving out market share is hard work. Most people like the comfort and security of having a job. The problem with this notion is the fact that it’s only an illusion. There’s just no guarantee the company won’t go out of business, downsize, or, require relocation. Still, these are not enough to motivate many people to take the initiative to go into business for themselves. It’s a fact: being an employee is far different from being an employer. However, there are people with dreams, visions, and, full of entrepreneurial spirit. You might be one, wanting to be your own boss, but, you’re unsure whether or not the time is right.

How to Know when You’re Ready to become Your Own Boss

There are many reasons to start a business, but, it’s often the case you can talk yourself out of enterprising with a few justifications. You might justify not to strike out because owning your own company makes your customers your boss. It could be that you’re uncertain about taking out a business loan. Perhaps you aren’t comfortable with managing employees without a corporate structure to back you.

Thinking about starting a new business? Running a company can be an amazing adventure, and it can even give you more security than a regular day job. Being your own boss may sound like heaven on earth, but what you have to remember is that it’s still a lot of hard work. It’s easy to feel ready much earlier than you actually are, and it’s equally easy to let fear hold you back long after you should have jumped. —Entrepreneur.com

Maybe you just aren’t ready to take-on a full-time venture without the guarantee of income. There’s no doubt about it, starting a new business is a challenge, but it’s not insurmountable. If you really have the urge to start your own business, you’re probably wondering how to know when it’s time, and, if you’re ready to become your own boss. Well, the following signs are great indicators that you’re ready to start your own business:

  • You’ve done more than just think about it. If you’ve been running scenarios in your head, done long calculations, looked into costs, and, done market research, you are definitely readying yourself to start a new company. Putting time and effort into due diligence means you have more than just a little curiosity. Chances are excellent you want other qualifiers to substantiate going into business for yourself.
  • You’re ready to take a measurable risk. Researching the market and running numbers means that you’re already looking for potential risks and rewards. You are investing your energy to be educated about costs and revenue. What’s more, if you’ve studied the competition and know the industry, you’ve likely identified pitfalls and where improvements can be made.
  • You know your strengths and weaknesses. This goes right along with the first two indicators because it means that you’re accepting you have certain weaknesses and can do something about them. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses also means that you understand where you’ll need help and where you can take charge.
  • You are ready to earn money on your own. If you’ve troubled by the fact you’re relying on someone else for your income, you’re definitely not alone. What you should know is that successful entrepreneurs do not usually hate their jobs, or, their bosses. Instead, they know their own potential isn’t being unleashed and want to strike out on their own.
  • You want to build something for your family. Building a business and leaving a legacy is something that every entrepreneur envisions. It’s usually one of their biggest motivations for starting a new company. If you have this inclination, it’s time to start exploring the possibilities.

If you’re still unsure about being your own boss, you don’t have to take a giant leap. Instead, you can start part-time and grow it incrementally. It often doesn’t require a lot of upfront capital to start a new business, just an actionable plan and a focused vision with a commitment to your dream and strong determination to pursue your dream relentlessly every day.

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