Why Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner Teaches Us a Great Business Lesson

Yes; you read the title correctly, hosting Thanksgiving dinner can teach us a very good business lesson. How; you might ask? Well, think about it this way. When Thanksgiving rolls around and you’re hosting dinner, what’s one of the first concerns which goes off in your head? Of course, being anxious about getting the meal cooked right is one. But, equal to that is how much of a mess your home is! You begin to panic. It’s a total mess. Things are everywhere. The floor is dirty. And, you notice just how cluttered it is. Time to do some serious cleaning and organizing.

Why Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner Teaches Us a Great Business Lesson

It’s a known fact that where you work affects just how you work. For example, if you worked in a chaotic environment, like an elementary classroom, you’d have little choice but to stay well-organized. However, too many business professionals let their workplace become disorganized. And, it causes needless wasting of time.

So you’ve got a messy office you’d like to tame. We’ve all been there, and many of us still are there. You may think that the people behind your favorite productivity and organization blogs are immune to such things like clutter and disorganization, but more often than not we’re brimming with organization tips, tricks, and solutions because of our own struggles with disorganization. —Lifehacker.com

Now, you might disagree. There are people who believe a messy workplace doesn’t really matter at all. But, it actually does. Organization is a key factor. It’s particularly integral to success. Without organization, there’s too many loose ends. Those can easily become distractions. Or worse, cause serious problems.

How to Do Office Organization Right

When you ignore disorganization, it inevitably comes back to bite you. It’s a quasi-blind spot. A well-organized workplace has big advantages. First and foremost, it gives you a genuine feeling of control and competence. That directly translates into improved and increased productivity. Second, because it’s organized, you’re more free of pointless or counterproductive distractions. Third, it allows you to put your focus where it bests serves your interests. So, let’s look at how to do office organization right:

  • Purge with purpose. The first step is to get rid of as much junk and useless stuff as possible. Purge everything that’s unnecessary or unusable. Take this seriously and you’ll feel an instant sense of gratification. You’ll also be amazed how much space you free up.
  • Designate catch-it spaces. There are all kinds of things that come into a workspace, be it an office, a workshop, or retail store. So, designate where that stuff goes. For instance, a place for things like an umbrella, bags or briefcases. As well as a place for incoming documents and other things. Basically, live the phrase, “A place for everything and everything in its place.”
  • Keep your workspace clutter free. The single best way to stay organized is to keep clutter away. Don’t ignore junk, things, and stuff that come into your workspace or you’ll fall right back into the same cycle. Keep it free of clutter and you’ll develop a good habit.
  • Prioritize and always act accordingly. Another good habit to develop is prioritizing. It’s a great way to know what’s next and what can wait. A shotgun approach is a sure-fire way to disorganization and confusion. Plus, you’re unlikely to get very much done.

How do you deal with junk and get organized? Have you found you’re more productive when your office is neatly organized? Please share your thoughts and experiences by commenting!

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