Top 5 Entrepreneurship Myths You Probably Believe but Shouldn’t

Entrepreneurship myths are everywhere. They populate the minds of anyone who dreams of striking out on their own. Heck, even successful entrepreneurs believe some of them. (At least at some point in their journey.) The reason entrepreneurial myths are so widely believed is because they involve risk. And, everyone is risk-averse (to one degree or another). Therefore, these misconceptions live on and keep good people from following their passions. But, you don’t have to believe them.

Two Common Entrepreneurship Myths

Let’s start with two common entrepreneurship myths; then, we’ll get on to the big three. First is the old nagging feeling that money is the single biggest obstacle. Nonsense. You can start a business in about 10 minutes using social media and a little imagination. Now, you’ve got to know how to use social media to effectively promote your business. But, the point is, you can find a ton of free and really cheap ways to get things going in a short amount of time.

As people are trying to navigate away from the “corporate jungle” towards the land of supposed “entrepreneurial utopia,” a lot of misconceptions arise. Perhaps this has to do with the media, advice they have received or what is heard through the grapevine but often these insights can derail a person from taking the plunge in the startup world. Or cause them to jump on the entrepreneurial bandwagon, when they have no business doing so. —

Another common entrepreneurial myth is that making more money is the best motivation. This simply isn’t true. And, it’s actually somewhat dangerous. If you’re only motivated by money, your heart and mind are in the wrong place. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with earning a better living but it’s foundation can’t be greed.

3 Biggest Entrepreneurship Myths

The fact of the matter is money isn’t an obstacle and it’s a bad motivator. But, this isn’t the only challenge people let get in their way of realizing their dreams. Now, let’s get into the three biggest entrepreneurship myths people believe:

  • The more customers, the better. At the bottom of the top three is the notion that more customers means more success. Which in turn means, the better. Two words about that: Not. True. Quality will always trump quality. What’s more, it’s a risky situation — especially early on. You’ll spread yourself too thin and that will only hurt you in the long run. Focus on the ones who make it a pleasure and let go of those who waste your time or have unrealistic expectations.
  • You need an inherent entrepreneur trait. Some people actually subscribe to the notion there are “born entrepreneurs.” Of course, there are individuals who have a knack for it but that doesn’t mean everyone else is shut out. It just takes work, self-confidence, and most of all, persistence. Those who go forward and don’t give up have a much higher success rate than those who don’t.
  • It just takes one great idea to make it work. Now, we’re at the biggest of all entrepreneurial myths. And, that’s believing you only need one great idea. While this is a key element, it won’t work as a magic bullet. Lots of people have great ideas. The trick is to define it and market it effectively by testing the market and remaining persistent with discipline and consistency when things get difficult.

What other entrepreneur myths do you think people believe? What suggestions do you have to get past them? Please share your thoughts and experiences by commenting!

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