4 Reasons You’re not Hiring the Best Talent

We’ve previously covered how to deal with a lazy employee. Now, let’s take a look at the other side of the coin. Or, how do you hire the best talent out there? It’s more complicated and difficult than one would first suppose. That’s because practically every candidate will put their best foot forward to make the best impression. It’s only after you hire do you really know what you’ve successfully recruited. But, to get an advantage, you should be only interviewing the top in the game.

Signs You need More Talent

Before we go there, let’s take a moment to look at your current situation. If you get the feeling you need more talent or at least one or more highly productive team members, your intuition just might well be spot-on. For instance, if you can’t seem to break previous work production levels, that’s one sign. Or, if you’re employees aren’t growing your business, that’s another.

Legendary Texas football coach Spike Dykes once said, “You give me the best players and an average coach and we will beat the best coach with average players every time.” CEOs should take this approach and own recruiting instead of abdicating it solely to HR. One of the five critical CEO responsibilities is to provide the proper resources, and people are the most important. In fact, to scale your business, it requires 4 key components; people, strategy, execution and capital. In my experience, people are the greatest resource in growing any business.

Of course, if you’re losing business, that’s a big red flag. Another way to tell if you need more talent is when your company feels stuck. If the status quo keeps chugging along with no breakthroughs, that’s a problem. (This is one reason why it’s always a good idea to bring in a third-party, like a professional business consultant and coach.)

4 Reasons You’re not Hiring the Best Talent

Now, we’ll take a quick look at some of the most probable reasons you’re not hiring the best of the best. It could be one or a few combined. But, if you identify or feel familiar with any part of these, it’s time to reflect. Here are the four most common reasons you’re not hiring the best talent:

  • Your casting net is way too small. Let’s begin with the most obvious — you’re casting too small a net. Sure, you’re probably comfortable recruiting from your locality. But, that leaves out a whole lot of people.
  • Your job description is too generic. This is something that too many businesses do: they copy and paste job descriptions when there’s an opening. This is a bad practice because it doesn’t “speak” to individuals who would otherwise engage.
  • You’re not getting back to candidates. Okay, so this is a difficult one. If you do make a great hire, you’re probably not keen about letting others know they weren’t chosen. But, this is not only selfish, it’s rude. Keep everyone who has interviewed in the loop.
  • Your interview doesn’t give an in-depth view. Just like generic job descriptions, when interviews are overly generic, they won’t reveal how candidates think and feel. Those are very important insights you’re not gaining.

What other advice would you give about how to hire the best talent? Please share your experiences and thoughts by leaving a comment!

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