How a Small Business can Stand Out in a Super-Competitive Industry

Although small businesses account for the largest majority of employers in the United States, this doesn’t mean that each one has necessarily carved out a totally unique niche of its own. In fact, quite a few of them are localized competitors, offering the same products and or services as their competitor peers. What’s more, they often offer very similar price points, so there’s little to distinguish one from another. This creates a problem in standing out to gain the biggest market share in a community or region. However, there are some things small businesses can do to separate themselves from the competition as the preferred, go to choice.

Fewer Entry Barriers Equals More Competition

Unfortunately for a good percentage of small businesses that are run by owner-operators, just about anyone can enter into the industry at any time. Prime examples include services like lawn care, pool maintenance, junk hauling, local movers, and similar types of work that do not require an extensive skill set or very expensive materials and equipment. Consequently, many people will test their entrepreneurial skill set and that takes away small bits of market share.
The presence of many competitors means many businesses are vying for the attention of these hungry buyers. The market has a lot of noise. You’ll feel pressured to spend more in marketing, when in fact, your real challenge is just to do effective marketing and come up with unique sales strategies. —
Of course, this can easily lead to over saturation, where there are simply too many consumer choices. That set of circumstances really makes it difficult for those small business owners to distinguish themselves from the competition and stand out as a clear choice to their consumer base. Since there’s numerous alternatives, this endeavor presents a considerable set of challenges.

Ways a Small Business can Stand Out in a Super-Competitive Industry

Even though this might seem like an insurmountable situation, the good news is there are some very effective steps you can take. But, just because they appear simple doesn’t mean they are necessarily easy to enact and follow through with consistently. Here are a few effective strategies small businesses can use to stand out in a super competitive industry:
  • Look professional. One of the key distinguishing characteristics of successful chain businesses is that they present the public with a professional appearance. Neat and clean uniforms are hallmarks of this very important public facing workforce. Just by dressing in a professional manner your company will easily differentiate itself from the competition.
  • Be punctual. If there’s one thing that consumers appreciate, it’s being on time and staying on schedule. Showing up on time and looking the part will do wonders for your business. Most of your competition probably isn’t doing this, or doing it consistently. And you can benefit by making it part of your daily routine.
  • Listen and execute. Although this might seem like just another bit of obvious advice, it’s surprisingly something that’s usually lacking in small businesses, particularly those that have very high rates of competition, do to the very low entry barrier. Because just about anyone can do the work, these businesses often treat their customers in an unappreciative way, just moving from one job to the next. After all, from their perspective, there’s more business out there and it’s unnecessary to make it personalized. But your business can really stand out by offering a friendly and caring experience.
  • Invest in key areas. This means advertising smartly in order to develop and maintain a brand image. It also means to put money into the business in strategic ways, such as upgrading equipment to provide more efficiency and therefore more satisfied customers in less time.
What other things can small businesses in very competitive industries do to gain more market share? Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts and experiences so others can benefit from your perspective! Interested in learning more about business? Then just visit Waters Business Consulting Group.

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