I Have New Competition that’s Eating into My Sales, What can I Do

New competition can unnerve even the most seasoned business owners. After all, it’s new (meaning it brings a new presence, new energy, and a new atmosphere). Even if it offers something that’s already long-available — such as retail goods — it just seems like it’s got an immediate edge. So, people give it a try.

When it appears it’s starting to take away sales, that can be cause for concern. But, it doesn’t mean the end of your business whatsoever. Read on to learn more about how to deal with new competition.

New Competition Means New Opportunity

New competition might well be frightening. It’s scary to think of someone else coming into the area to poach customers. And, if it starts to occur, that’s downright troublesome. However, it also means there’s new opportunity.

…if you don’t have a strategy to beat the competition, you probably shouldn’t be in the business in the first place. But how can your business out-compete competition when the business world is such a tough place to survive? Much of it is about understanding the competitive threats and overcoming them.

It’s important to remember that opportunity comes in many forms. Although this is one that is unexpected and probably unwelcome, it nonetheless remains an opportunity for your business. If you think about it in terms of opportunity rather than crisis, you will make far better decisions than you would otherwise. This means adopting a positive mindset that allows you to see and act clearly.

3 Practical Steps for Deal with New Competition

A new business has opened in your market and you’re worried that it will or is taking sales away from your company. It’s an unsettling experience to say the least, but you can take three strategic steps to effectively deal with the situation:

  • Don’t panic. It’s imperative to put things into perspective right away. Remember, your business is already established and the competition is new to the area. This means they have to make inroads where you’ve already been successful. Additionally, there is no cause for concern when you have an existing loyal customer base.
  • Do some research. Take a little time to do some research. You can always visit the business yourself (online and in-person) to see what’s going on first-hand. Additionally, you can ask people who’ve patronized the company about their experiences. Between your own observations, and soliciting feedback from others, you’ll get a complete picture.
  • Take appropriate action. Now, you can use that information along with anything else you gathered about your competition, to create a plan of action. Since you already know the local market, including demographics, your target customers, the overall niche, as well as other relevant factors, you still retain the advantage. Leverage this to retain your current customer base and to position your business as the established, trusted choice.

What other suggestions do you have? Please share your thoughts and experiences by commenting!

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