How to Solve the Biggest Problem a Work Routine Creates

Every entrepreneur has heard the advice to adopt a work routine. While it’s certainly helpful in a number of ways, it can eventually lead to feeling stuck, stifled, and unrewarding. That’s definitely no place anyone wants to be because it becomes counterproductive. What’s more, it drains your energy and doesn’t help to fulfill your passion. It’s called a rut and it’s the single biggest problem with following a routine.

Advantages of Having a Routine

Now, there’s a whole lot of good that comes from establishing a routine. It helps you to keep focused, stay on-task, on-time, and avoid wasting effort on unimportant tasks. Plus, a routine helps to ensure you check off entries on your to-do list, one prioritized item at a time.

A routine that is too rigid can become a rut, and a rut can become a trap. Some people are so adamant about sticking to “the routine,” that it becomes a full-blown stress when anything disturbs it. And you can count on disturbances! They are a part of life. But these people have forgotten how to think outside the cherished routine. The joy of spontaneity is missing. —Self Growth

Moreover, a routine lets you know precisely where you are at any given time. Then, there’s the psychological and emotional benefit of having peace of mind. When you follow a routine, you’re much less likely to feel anxious or stressed out.

3 Effective Ways Entrepreneurs can Break Out of Work Rut

Although there are a number of benefits to following a routine, the biggest downside is it turning into a dreaded rut. This is a bad situation and will only worsen, if you don’t stop the cycle. Here are three effective ways entrepreneurs can break out of a work rut:

  • Change things up. Okay, this one’s obvious but it’s necessary because it’s so hard to actually do. When you change things up, you’ll feel like chaos has broken loose. You’ll also probably feel a bit lost. But, when you change things up, you’ll also start to feel more free, realizing your routine isn’t always the best way to work on your business.
  • Give yourself new tasks. Try giving yourself at least one or more new tasks to complete. It will challenge you to think in a way that you haven’t before and help to unleash your creativity. Plus, it will give you a real sense of accomplishment because it’s something you’re not accustomed to doing.
  • Spend some time in different places. Work ruts can happen anywhere, not just the office or shop. You probably run in the same circles all the time, frequenting the same locations over and over again. So, try something new in order to experience new environments and people. It will only widen your perspective and might even inspire you in a totally unique way than ever before.

What other suggestions do you have? Please comment and share your thoughts and experiences!

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