In the midst of the COVID-19 shutdown, and the simultaneous rise of WFH or work-from-home dynamic, commercial real estate is steadily on the decline. With many businesses closing and others surviving on minimal staff, office space, retail locations, and other commercial real estate is and will continue to experience a huge vacancy rate. While that’s not good news for them, for savvy business owners, it presents a prime opportunity. Meaning, it’s very possible to lease (or buy) commercial property for a really good deal.

The Buy Low, Sell High Strategy

Everyone’s heard of the old “buy low, sell high” investment strategy. But, only those who actually act on it are the ones who benefit. When the market is down, investment advisors often tell their clients to buy why everything is on sale. However, too many people are just too risk-averse and don’t follow the advice.

Asking rent prices have yet to fall, which is typical in a down cycle as landlords try to hold out as long as possible, says CBRE chief economist Richard Barkham. At the same time, Barkham says, landlords are eager to fill space, so they’re willing to offer a bevy of concessions to the right tenants, including rent-free periods, build-out expenses, and flexible lease terms. —

In fact, more people tend to cash-out when the market goes through a downturn. They “realize” an otherwise “paper loss.” The point obviously being that the adage of “buy low, sell high” really works. And, it works so well, it’s repeated over and over. The real trick is to just do it.

How to Negotiate the Best Office Space Deal

With all that said, now is the time to take advantage of the circumstances and land a sweet deal on commercial space. Here are some helpful tips for how to lease commercial space at a substantial discount:

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