I Reopened My Business, but Now I’m Short-Staffed, What Do I Do?

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent shutdowns affected different businesses in different ways. Some industries, like financial services, online retail, and even real estate, experienced growth. However, other industries suffered big losses, particularly hospitality, restaurants, and brick and mortar retailers; even some office environments experienced significant setbacks. Now, with plans to reopen and resume business as normal underway, some companies are faced with a labor shortage. Obviously, it’s difficult to service customers without the proper employee support. So, let’s look at some ways to shore up your business staff in short order.

Employees are the Single-Most Valuable Business Asset

Regardless of what industry your company serves, you’ve probably learned over the years — or have least heard — that employees are true assets to any business. Companies who do not treat their employees as assets suffer from high rates of turnover, low quality work, and often poor morale.
Before you start evaluating candidates, ask yourself what traits you want to have in those employees to ensure you’re aligning your new hires with your business objectives. Some common traits that I’ve seen among hiring for eCommerce and physical retailers include flexibility, high energy, and fast learner —Business 2 Community
Conversely, businesses that treat their employees as valued assets enjoy quality production, higher rates of production, a strong camaraderie and positive morale, and very low turnover. The reason isn’t a mystery — treat employees well and they will in turn do their best. Of course, that begs the question of how to bring on several people in a short amount of time that will make a good fit?

How to Find Quality Employees on Short Notice

In order to staff a business quickly, you need to first determine which roles to prioritize. And, know exactly what type of personalities best fit said roles. Here are three attitudes you must embrace to find the right staff in a pinch:
  • Be patient. You probably already have existing employees taking on expansive responsibilities out of necessity. You should continue that practice but with a goal to reach. It’s better to rely on known qualities and compensate them well than to rush through the hiring process simply to fill positions. Start with previous employees to fill empty roles and give them more responsibilities for the short-term.
  • Be flexible. Of course, you should streamline your hiring and training processes. But along with these changes, it’s also smart to think strategically. In other words, if a new hire isn’t working out in a particular role, move him or her into a different position instead of letting them go and having to go through the process all over again.
  • Be confident. Sure, this might be a time of uncertainty. It’s unnerving, upsetting, and can be difficult to cope with. But, if you remain calm and show confidence, that will permeate through the company and help your employees greatly.
What other attributes would you suggest business owners take on in order to get through a period of short staff? Please take a moment to share your thoughts and experiences by commenting so others can benefit from your unique perspective. Interested in learning more about business? Then just visit Waters Business Consulting Group.

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