When You Bring Your Child to Work, Teach these Lessons

Entrepreneurs often prefer to turn over their business to their children. (Of course, that’s not always the case, as Bill Gates so amply demonstrates.) But, if you’re planning on passing your business over to one or more of your children, you obviously need to teach them about said business. However, too many owners obsess over the nuts and bolts but fail to teach their children the most important lessons.

Money isn’t Everything

Everyone’s heard the cliche “money isn’t everything.” It isn’t. It’s understandable and essential to teach your children about money, particularly about the business’ operations and finances, including revenue and expenses. If your children will run the business one day, there’s no question it’s imperative to teach them about the minutiae of debt, equipment, materials, labor, insurance, payroll, and everything related to money coming in and going out.
By becoming an entrepreneur — whether it is simply putting up a neighborhood lemonade stand, launching a landscaping business or developing a new app — kids can learn about budgeting, saving, spending and investing. It also helps children develop perseverance by learning from their failures, and it begins to introduce critical thinking. —CNBC.com
Although this is necessary, it’s also just as important to teach your children how to run the business via your professional relationships. That means, how you lead, interact with employees and vendors alike, and with your peers, even your competition. It’s these lessons you shouldn’t overlook because it is critical your children understand how you handle your professional relationships.

3 Important Lessons to Teach Children about Business

When you bring your children to your place of business, they’ll experience how you run it. More particularly, they’ll gain a perspective, form opinions, and draw conclusions from how you interact with the people you work with. And, this is where you’ll be exposed to a mirror of sorts, because you’ll see your way of running the business through the eyes of your children. So, here are three important lessons to teach your kids about business:
  • Everyone deserves respect. Teach your kids by example how you treat employees with the respect they deserve. After all, this is how morale is built and people feel like they’re part of a genuine team. That’s a powerful and positive environment and one you would like to continue when your kids take over someday.
  • No one is above everyone else. Similarly, teach your children that everyone is important. If someone isn’t important, there’s no reason for him or her to be present in the first place. Yes, teach them about hierarchy, but again, be sure to make them understand that every person plays a critical role and the skill set each individual brings is a valuable one to the health of the company.
  • Competition is healthy and constructive. Additionally, you should demonstrate just how healthy and constructive competition is in a free market economy. For instance, teach your kids that competition fosters innovation and incentivizes businesses to pay employees commensurate with their experience, skill, and productivity.
What other lessons would you say are most important to teach young entrepreneurs? Please share your thoughts and experiences because your perspective could help someone out! Interested in learning more about business? Then just visit Waters Business Consulting Group.

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