The Biggest Pros and Cons of Strategic Partnerships

A strategic partnership can provide a number of advantages to just about any size business. In fact, it’s the reason that some multinational corporations team up together. Even though they have vast resources of their own, there are often specific tools, appeal to a certain base, experienced skill sets, and more which simply make it more advantageous to partner than do it on their own. Small businesses can likewise benefit from strategic partnerships much in the same way. However, just because there are some distinct advantages doesn’t mean these are always the best choice.

Biggest Downsides of a Strategic Partnership

There are drawbacks to entering into a strategic partnership. For instance, you must rely on this particular partner to carry out some responsibilities. How, when, and where should obviously be agreed on beforehand. But, this doesn’t necessarily mean it will all go according to plan. Then, there’s the matter of putting your reputation in the hands of another company. If you rely on your strategic partner to represent your business in any way publicly, you are obviously putting a great deal of trust and faith that they will execute accordingly and bolster your company’s name rather than tarnish it.
One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is trying to do everything alone. To combat this error, business owners must hire and train the right employees. In addition, they should leverage strategic partners. So what is a strategic partner? A strategic partner is another business with whom you enter into an agreement that aims to help both of you achieve more success. —
There is also the possibility that your strategic partner doesn’t truly possess the means and resources you think it does. In other words, you might have to put far more into the relationship than you get out of it. Of course, that would pretty much defeat the entire purpose of teaming up in the first place. Lastly, your strategic partner might be put in a position where they must decide between their own self-interest and their shared interest with your company — you likely know which they will ultimately choose.

Biggest Advantages of a Strategic Partnership

Of course, strategic partnerships aren’t always bad or no businesses would ever team up together. There are some compelling advantages to partnering with another company. Here are some of the biggest benefits of entering into a strategic partnership:
  • More resources. The single biggest benefit is usually almost instant access to a greater amount of resources. By partnering with another business, you’re essentially expanding your own team and reaching more customers nearly immediately.
  • More versatility. A strategic partnership can also bring with it various skill sets and experiences. Instead of having to seek out individual talent and spend time and effort to bring these things on board from within your own company, you already have an established organization to help your business grow.
  • Different perspective. Perhaps one of the most valuable aspects of having a strategic partner is having another set of eyes and ears to examine situations. Rather than having to rely on just your own judgment, past experiences, and biases, you’ll have someone that has their own interest (and therefore yours too) at heart, which can be extremely beneficial in various sets of circumstances.
What other pros and cons of strategic partnerships should be included? Please take a brief moment to leave a comment and share your thoughts and experiences so others can benefit from your strategies. Interested in learning more about business? Then just visit Waters Business Consulting Group.

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