Key Reasons Businesses Experience High Employee Turnover

High employee turnover is practically normal in some industries. These are mostly entry-level positions, where people only stay for a short time. But, since the global pandemic outbreak and shutdowns, followed by the reopenings, more and more companies have experienced unusual amounts of employee turnover. Although it’s easy to simply blame this abnormality as the source of the problem, there are sometimes underlying issues. It’s just that these remarkably unusual sets of circumstances have finally brought those festering problems to the surface.

High Employee Turnover Usually Underscores Underlying Issues

High employee turnover may in fact highlight problems within the workplace and not be a reflection of the departing team members themselves. Put another way, it’s not the employees’ faults necessarily, but something in the way the business is run. This isn’t to say it’s always the corporation’s fault, as mentioned above, some industries experience high rates of employee turnover regularly. However, if you’re running a business that does not hire nearly exclusive entry-level workers, and people are quitting after short periods of time, there are probably some good reasons.
Companies often thrive based on the talent provided by their employees. Yet, if a company is faced with frequent turnovers, the efficiency and effectiveness of business operations could suffer. Similarly, those companies that maintain a consistent workforce may be able to grow as a result of their employee base performing consistently. Understanding the causes and effects of turnover can help your company develop strategies and policies to increase the odds of keeping the staff members you value. —Houston Chronicle Small Business
One of the most difficult things for owners and entrepreneurs alike to see and understand is where their businesses are falling short when it comes to their employees. Ensuring that employees are well taken care of is just as important as serving customers to the best of your abilities. Since employees are the very lifeblood of your business, they should not only be compensated fairly but treated as vital components of your company.

3 Key Reasons Businesses Experience High Employee Turnover

Fortunately, high employee turnover usually comes as a result of at least one of three reasons. If any of these are persistent in your business, it’s probably what’s driving your employees to quit after very short tenures. Here are the most common reasons that businesses experience high employee turnover:
  • Compensation. This is the most obvious and is definitely among the top reasons employees don’t stay with their companies. Unfortunately, this doesn’t just apply to hourly workers, but salaried personnel as well. Paying at the bottom of the industry will practically guarantee that new hires become disaffected in short amounts of time and abruptly quit. Paying at the mid to high level of the industry is one of the best ways to avoid this problem, but that might not be applicable to all situations. Businesses already paying well might also consider little perks and incentives outside of pay, such as extra time off, gifts for meeting goals, and other types of incentives.
  • Management. There’s just about nothing worse than bad management. Even people who are compensated very well will not tolerate bad managers for very long. If management does not treat their staff with the respect and professional courtesy they deserve, individuals will simply find other places to go. Bad management not only drives people to leave but also causes them to perform poorly while they’re at the company. So, take a deep look at the management’s style and execution and make changes if necessary.
  • Culture. Company or corporate culture is also a very important factor in employees staying put. Just like bad management, individuals will not tolerate a toxic culture for very long. Even if management treats them well and they are compensated near or at the top of the industry, toxic culture will eventually erode their loyalty and they will leave the company. Although this is one of the most difficult factors to identify, it is essential that businesses foster a positive company culture in order to get the highest level of camaraderie and productivity from employees.
What other suggestions do you have for dealing with high employee turnover? Please take a moment to share your personal experiences and relevant thoughts — it could greatly benefit someone else! Interested in learning more about business? Then just visit Waters Business Consulting Group.

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