Less Texting More Face Time Equals More Success in Business

No, I am not talking about the Facetime application … I am talking real, live one-on-one face time!

Texting has become as normal a standard in our world as eating and sleeping, and in some cases it has become more important to some people than eating or sleeping! With texting, the level of trust is low. Texting does not allow for relationship building and real relationship building is required to develop trust. Texting only provides tentative, at best, minimal trust. It’s important to understand that low trust does not translate to success in business!

Why Personal Contact Always Beats Out Texting in Business

Ok, I am as guilty as anyone using text to communicate. Texting is an efficient and immediate form of communication that allows the sender and recipient to respond on their own terms. It’s very convenient. The benefits of texting are numerous, but the problems that texting develop or cause are now beginning to surface as we track data; auto accidents, pedestrian accidents, sleeplessness, lack of productivity, poor communication skills … and now less success in business due to limited and poor planning!

Texting has its place, but not while walking, driving, during meetings, or especially at the dinner table. You want to improve your relationships with family, friends, and business associates, along with clients/customers? Call them, meet them for coffee or lunch, and build a relationship with eye-to-eye contact instead of sending texts.

We never talk any more: The problem with text messaging – From CNN Tech Web site By Jeffrey Kluger

  • As texting use rises, the phone call is becoming a dying institution
  • American age 18-29 send an average of nearly 88 text messages a day
  • Psychologists worry social skills in young texters won’t develop
  • Habitual texters may hurt relationships, miss out on new ones

Because texting is convenient and can be done almost anywhere, it tends to substitute proper planning in advance for last minute texting to coordinate meetings, directions, critical information, etc.

Recently, it hit me why last minute texting is a pet peeve of mine. Why? It minimizes our need to plan because we expect immediate responses. So why plan in advance when you can text at the last minute? Is it not more convenient? Does this rationalization sound familiar?

Let me provide a real-world example. When texting or cell phones didn’t exist, we all had to plan out our days, our travel, our meetings … our whole day-to-day life. It required goal setting and developing a plan because there was no cell or text to connect at the last minutes. We had to pre-plan even if the plan was just meeting someone for lunch, or meeting someone at an event. Today, I hear many people say, “We’ll figure it out; I’ll text you.” Real success occurs when you plan in advance by writing down your goals and when you have a plan to achieve those goals. Or in the case of meeting or connecting with someone, you plan in advance so that you minimize the use of text while driving to the meeting!

Achieving Your Goals

Statistics show more than 70 percent of people never have goals. And, only 28 percent say they have some kind of goals, with just a meager 2 percent having written goals. Moreover, it’s estimated that this 2 percent controls over 90 percent of all income.

Goals require planning. This includes planning your weekly business calendar of priorities which are part of your strategy to achieve you goals. So, if you have a plan, you can easily set a meeting and location based on your schedule. If you have no plan, and your plan is to “figure it out and text” at the last minute, then your potential for success diminishes greatly.
Align your plan with your goals, by scheduling your plan in a calendar. Instead of texting for directions or meeting locations or times at the last minute, usually while driving and walking, pre-plan your meeting in advance and call or e-mail the information. Then use the time while driving to clear your mind and prepare for your meeting. That will produce far more effective and successful meetings than texting at the last minute.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” –Benjamin Franklin

Try this for 2 weeks

  • Take 1 hour to plan your week by pre-scheduling all the priorities you need to accomplish in your plan for achieving your goals for the next two weeks.
  • Put each priority in your schedule under a block of time. Allow time for travel, meals, errands, family, work outs, etc. (This takes thinking in advance, but by pre-planning, you will address any logistical challenges in preparing your plan and be able to adjust prior to your meeting or event.)
  • Call and use your voice to communicate your plans with those you are meeting. When you get to the meeting or event, avoid texting and focus on eye contact and listening to your client, customer, vendor, or associate. In doing so, you will have less stress, higher productivity and greater success … with less aggravating, last minute, in between traffic lights and phone call texts … I guarantee it!

So, put down your mobile device and start planning for Less texting and more real face time that will help you succeed in business!

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